for Apple Watch NEW

Beautiful hour-by-hour
weather forecast at a glance.

App and complications
with multiple themes.

Precise Dark Sky data.

Recommended watchfaces from BuddyWatch (more coming soon)

Weathergraph Compact

Everyday watchface for work/outdoor life balance. Quick calendar access. Activity rings. And forecast graph from Weathergraph with all the outdoor info you need.

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Ultraviolet Weathergraph

A watchface for the offline workout. Activity, forecast graph from Weathergraph, daily steps from Pedometer++, WorkOutDoors sports tracker/offline map and music controls.

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& standalone app

at a glance

and more
to come

1/2/3/5 days


  • Hour-by-hour temperature
    (orange chart at the bottom)
  • Hour-by-hour precipitation
    (rain and snow in a blue chart)
  • Hour-by-hour cloudiness and sunshine
    (clouds on top + sun rays)
  • Hour-by-hour wind speed and direction
    (red line and red arrows)
  • Hour-by-hour humidity or dew point
    (dotted blue line)
  • Real day/night and sunlight
    (sky color)
  • Daily temperature minimum and maximum
    (overlaid above chart)
  • Actual temperature and place
    (on the top)
  • Option to see 1, 2, 3 or 5 days at once
    (plus a quick tap to instantly toggle to 5 days view)
  • Reliable weather sources
    ( in free version, Dark Sky in Pro*)
  • Supports all Apple Watch complications

Forecast is updated every hour, and cached offline — the chart always shows current temperature according to last obtained forecast, even when you go for a long run without your phone.

You can unlock professional Dark Sky forecast and all themes with a reasonably priced subscription, which covers a cost of data and allows me to further improve Weathergraph.

Thank you!

Frequently asked questions #

Weathergraph keeps asking for location again and again #
Please choose Allow while using the app in a permission dialog.
Weathergraph needs to be able to know your location in order to show actual weather (it doesn't send it to any third party though — see privacy policy). If you have chosen "Allow once", then the app can only ask for the location once, and next time it will show the permission dialog again.
I cannot reinstall Weathergraph, I only see a Purchase button on my iPhone and it is disabled #
Please just open App Store on your watch, search for "weathergraph', and there you will be able to install the app.
This is an oversight not yet fixed by Apple - for some reason, independent (= watch only) apps can only be reinstalled from the watch.
I installed Weathergraph and I would like to restore my subscription #
Please tap the Get Pro button, and in a purchase screen, tap Restore purchases button.
How do I read the weather? #
Here's the legend

is also on

Here's my email

*) Dark Sky API will keep on working until the end of 2021, and I wil replace it with one of worthy competitors I am now evaluating.

Curious about other platforms? Need an unlock key?

Weathergraph is available for Garmin and Pebble as well.