Weathergraph privacy policy

I log some of the sent data (but not location or IP address data) under anonymous identifiers, which can be reset by reinstalling the app, in order to:

  • know how many users I have
  • be able to detect situations when a single user would generate too many forecast requests
  • and to be able to improve the service (for example by logging request latency)

However, I do not log any personally identifiable information (especially not your location or IP address), except for the e-mail address, and I only log e-mail address if you voluntarily provide it in the app settings (on Pebble or Garmin only).

I further protect user data from third parties by not sending any personally identifiable information which could help link subsequent requests to the same user. This specifically means that weather providers cannot track your location.

Third parties

The only third parties involved are

No third-party analytics is used.

Terms of use

Your use of Weathergraph for Apple devices is managed by Apple's standard Licensed application end user license agreement.

Apple auto-renewing subscriptions

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account.

You can easily manage or cancel the subscription in the App Store app → Account → Subscriptions on your watch or phone — just please cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

If you cancel the subscription, you will not be refunded for the current period, and you can of course use all Pro features during that time.

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