for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Beautiful hour-by-hour weather forecast at a glance.

Premium data sources with nowcast and rain alerts.

App, widgets, and complications for every device.

If you are looking for a spiritual successor or alternative to Dark Sky and Weather Line, I'd love it if you gave Weathergraph a try!

Take a look at the screenshots.

Thank you, Tomas

If you are writing about Weathergraph

I'd love to direct you to the press kit and screenshots.

The latest news is Weathergraph adds a vertical layout not just for the fans of the recently closed Dark Sky app.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

What real adventurers say about Weathergraph

Deserves to be #1 in the App Store

It’s precisely what I want: data displayed for at-a-glance consumption in a customizable, thorough, beautiful interface. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It’s so much better than a list of temperatures in text form. Additionally, it respects my privacy, and Tomas, the developer, responded to my emails promptly.

Share it. Use it. You’ll be happy.

iPad Maniac
Superbly designed and executed

This app is simply wonderful.

The amount of information clearly relayed by this app via an Apple Watch is extraordinary. Having designed interfaces over the years I greatly appreciate the careful thought placed into the design.

I also appreciate the developer’s frequent updates and responsiveness.

Best weather complication on AW

Long time smart watch wearer and this is simply the most informative and easiest to read 1, 2 or 5 day visual representation of weather I’ve seen. Simply awesome.

The Cadillac of weather apps

This is by far the best weather app available because it is very glanceable, customizable, and has informative complications. I happily purchased the lifetime sub and recommend it to everyone with a Watch.

Incredible data visualization

This packs so much into one super clear display.

Wonderful watch weather app!

I have several weather apps on my watch, and quite a few more on my phone, but I get more information more regularly from weathergraph than all of the others. This is a great app, and I’m so happy to have it!

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Weathergraph watchfaces from BuddyWatch

OutdoorKitInstallDownloadWeather Station CompactInstallDownloadSurf TimeInstallDownload
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Weathergraph with nowcast

Be prepared for rain & snow with the Nowcast

Nowcast checks the forecast every 15 minutes.

If rain, sleet, or snow will arrive in the next 2 hours according to nowcast radars, Weathergraph will show a nowcast graph.

You can also turn on precipitation alerts to get alerted proactively.

Nowcast and alerts are a part of Weathergraph Pro.

Weathergraph app on Apple Watch shot from a lookout tower

Sunny hours tomorrow afternoon?
You'll be out there.

Weathergraph displays everything you need to know about the weather.

Cloudiness, sunshine, precipitation, temperature, wind direction and speed, humidity, dew point, UV index, pressure ... even the next sunset and sunrise.

And you can set the graph to show any interval between the next 12 hours to the next 7 days.

Weathergraph watchface on a wrist in a winter countryside

Keep the phone at home.
Know what's coming.

Weathergraph updates in the background so that it always has a fresh forecast for you.

Did you venture offline? Weathergraph keeps updating the complications and widgets according to the latest known forecast.

Blessed with an LTE watch? Weathergraph updates over mobile data as well.

Either way, you can leave the phone at home and head out to close the rings.

Many Weathergraph weather watchface complications

All the complications

Turn your favorite watchface into a personal meteo station.

Weathergraph has complications for every slot in every watchface.

Signature hour-by-hour forecast graph / Text summary (current conditions, daily min/max, and next sunsrise/sunset) / Current conditions icon / Adaptive complication (temperature when dry, precipitation and its type when wet) / Real temperature / Apparent temperature (includes heat index and wind chill factor) / Precipitation (and its type, rain or snow) / Wind speed and direction (ideal for kiteboarding, windsurfing or yachting) / Humidity & dew point (Sensitive skin? Know when it's time for skincare.)

TIP: Install ready-to-use watchfaces with a single click from Buddywatch.

Weathergraph privacy report showing Data not linked to you

Privacy, respected.

Many weather apps and services take advantage of your trust to track you and your data. Weathergraph does not.

I take great care to not know anything about you because this is how I want every other app on my phone to behave as well. No personally identifiable data, locations, or IP addresses are ever stored.

And in case the forecast service would like to track you, Weathergraph's servers protect you from that possibility. Forecast providers see all requests arrive from the same place, and without any identifiable info.

Weathergraph also doesn't use any third party tracking/analytics library.

Want to dive deeper? Read Weathergraph's privacy policy.

Interested? Have a try.

Questions and answers

Subscriptions and plans

How can I change my subscription plan, e.g. from Monthly to Yearly? #

Go to Settings - your name - Subscriptions, select Weathergraph and pick a plan you like. Here is Apple's guide.

How can I change from a subscription plan to Forever? #
  1. Cancel the existing subscription first:
    Go to Settings - your name - Subscriptions, select Weathergraph and cancel the subscription (see Apple's guide).
  2. From the Manage my subscription screen in Weathergraph:
    Select the Forever option, and confirm.
Can I share the subscription with the whole family? #

I have decided to not enable the family sharing, as the subscription needs to pay for weather data.

While it would probably be okay for two people, Apple's family may have up to six people and all of their devices (watches, phones, tablets, macs). With a family like that, and regular background updates for widgets and watch complications, the cost of data could easily exceed the proceeds from subscription.

I am not sure if the purchase succeeded — how can I check my active subscriptions (or cancel them)? #

Here is Apple's guide: Manage App Store purchases, subscriptions, settings, and restrictions on iPhone

In short:

  1. Open the App Store app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the blue profile icon in the top right corner, then tap Subscriptions.
  3. All active and lapsed subscriptions will show up, and you can change or cancel them here.

If the subscription appears here, but you still don't have Pro features in the Weathergraph app:

Please open the Weathergraph app. Scroll down and tap the Check Pro button. Then scroll down on a subscription screen, and tap the Restore Purchases button.

I would like to cancel my purchase or get a refund. #

No problem! Here's how to request refunds for App Store apps.

App Store developers cannot issue refunds themselves, but the link above is quick and easy and almost always quickly approved.

If you have a bit of time, could you please drop me a short email at and tell me what you didn't like? I'd love to make Weathergraph better. Thank you!

I re-installed Weathergraph. How do I restore my subscription? #

On the iPhone:

Please scroll down in the Weathergraph app, tap the Get Pro or Manage purchases button, and on the purchase screen, tap Restore purchases button.

On the watch:

Please scroll down in the Weathergraph app, tap the Get Pro button, and on the purchase screen, tap Restore purchases button.

I cannot restore purchases on my Apple Watch. #

I apologize for this. The restores seem to be broken on WatchOS 9 (I already reported this to Apple), but you should not need this, as the app syncs the purchases from the iPhone to the watch automatically.

Please just run Restore purchases on the iPhone app's purchase screen, and once the watch syncs up with the phone, you should be good to go.

I cannot restore purchases on my Mac. #

I apologize for this. The restores seem to fail for some people on the Mac.

I found that deleting Weathergraph from the Applications folder and installing it again from the App Store fixes this.

I got a Pro code, how to redeem it? #

Moodistory has a great simple guide.

Please follow it, then open Weathergraph on your phone (or mac or iPad), open the payment screen, scroll down, and tap the Restore Purchases button.

If you have an Apple Watch, the purchases will sync to them automatically when they get near the phone (no need to run restore on the watch, as it seems to be broken there).

If the restore fails on Mac, please try deleting Weathergraph and installing it again. Thanks!

App and features

I closed the app and it stopped updating in the background #

Are you closing apps by swiping them away from the task switcher?

If yes, then the app you close this way is no longer allowed to run or update in the background until you manually open it again.

Please keep the Weathergraph running - it takes care to consume almost no resources.

Forecast updates don't work on some WatchOS 10 versions #

It seems that watchOS 10 has a bug where the permission dialog on the watch only sets the permissions for the iOS app. This seems to be happening to independent watch apps (= apps able to run on the watch without being installed on the iPhone) like Weathergraph.

The outcome is that the watch app is unable to get location, and there is nothing I can now do to fix this.

I have added a workaround where the iPhone app sends the latest location to the watch during the forecast update, and the watch uses it as long as it doesn't have a better one. You will still get the location error message until Apple resolves the problem though.

I reported the issue to Apple (as FB12819087), and it has been marked as Potential fix identified - For a future OS update roughly around beta 8. So, let's hope it will get fixed.

My watch complications are broken, I only see dashes (--) instead of the content #

This seems to be an problem of Apple's migration to a newer watch app format, that developers can do very little about. You can read about the cause in Apple developer forum thread but the tldr is that the migration randomly breakes the complications, as it caches the wrong identifier of the app extension that the complications belong to.

Solution: Please remove all Weathergraph's complications from all the watchfaces at once (this seems to force the watchOS to clear up its old complication data for Weathergraph), and then set up the complications again.

I'd love to know if anyone finds a better way of doing this.

I have reported this issue to Apple.

Does Weathergraph support multiple locations? #

Currently, Weathergraph only shows weather for your actual location, but I am working on supporting multiple locations (with favorites for quick access), to be released late 2023.

Does Weathergraph alert me about upcoming rain or snow? #

Right now, the Apple Watch app does, and I will be adding the alerts to the iPhone app as well.

Does Weathergraph show governmental weather alerts? #

Not yet, but government alerts are on the roadmap.

How about support for iOS 16 Live Activities? #

It's complicated.

I have read up on Live activities, but so far they can only be started by some action inside the already opened app. For example, the Uber app can start the live activity when you summon the car, but the app running in the background cannot.

Therefore, the nice use case, where Weathergraph would automatically start a live activity with a precipitation warning when the rain is on the way, cannot happen with the current rules.

It could be hacked around with a notification, that would tell you to open the app, and then the app would set up the live activity to follow the rain progress, but this seems too tedious, so I have stayed out of this for now.

If Apple allows apps to start the live activities from the background, then I’ll be happy to revisit this - and until then, I’ll keep working on the features I wanted to have yesterday.

Does Weathergraph show air quality? #

AQI is on the roadmap. I already have data sources for air quality, and plan to add them.

Will Weathergraph be available in my non-English language? #

I would love to! However, the engine that creates all the forecast texts is now custom fitted for English grammar. I plan to make this more generic to support more languages, but that will need some time.

Will there be a radar? #

Thank you for the question! Sadly, not anytime soon, as there are a lot of other features in the pipeline, and the radar data are considerably pricier than the forecast data. I'd eventually like to get there, but it won't be quick.

How do I read the weather? #

Please have a look at the legend:

Legend: How to read Weathergraph's weather graph
How do Nowcast and rain alerts work? #

With a Pro unlocked, Weathergraph checks nowcast every 15 minutes for upcoming precipitation in your location.

If rain, sleet, or snow will arrive in the next 2 hours according to nowcast radars, Weathergraph will show a warning on the complication.

Weathergraph also shows rain or snow probability, when there is no precipitation detected yet, but the nowcast reports a higher than 50% chance.

Weathergraph warnings show on all large graphical or text complications on Infograph Modular, Modular Compact, Modular Max, Modular, Utility, Activity, Infograph, Photo, Astronomy, Explorer, Motion, Memoji, Solar graph, and Timelapse watchfaces.

If you have set up nowcast alerts, Weathergraph will warn you with a notification. Please keep a Weathergraph complication active, so that Weathergraph is allowed to check the forecast regularly in the background.

Weathergraph nowcast alert
Weathergraph nowcast probability
Why do I see 'dry' when the humidity is 98%? #

The 'dry' comes from the dew point comfort scale. In the winter, the cold air cannot retain humidity, so even at 98% humidity, there is just a little water in the air, resulting in a dry feeling (and a need to hydrate the skin).

Here is a scale Weathergraph is using:

Weathergraph dew point comfort scale

If you would like to read more about how this works, Alex has a great article about why the dew point is more respresentative measure, especially for runners.

How do I change complications on my Apple Watch watchface? #
Apple has made a great step-by-step guide to changing and customizing watchfaces.
Weathergraph keeps asking for location again and again. #

Please choose Allow while using the app in a permission dialog.
Weathergraph needs to be able to know your location to show actual weather (it doesn't send it to any third party, though — see privacy policy). If you have chosen "Allow once", then the app can only ask for the location once, and next time it will show the permission dialog again.

To change Weathergraph's permission to 'Always allow', please open Settings on your iPhone, scroll down to Weathergraph, tap Location, and pick While Using the App.

Weathergraph cannot get the location. #

Please check the location permission for Weathergraph:


  1. Open Settings on your iPhone, go to Privacy & SecurityLocation ServicesWeathergraph
  2. Make sure the permission is set to Always (allows background updates and alerts) or at least While Using the App or Widgets (with this choice, the app can update the forecast only when the system refreshes the widgets)


  1. Open Settings, scroll down and go to Privacy & SecurityLocation ServicesWeathergraph
  2. Make sure the permission is set to Always in order for background updates (and alerts) to work. Sometimes, the choices might be disabled - in that case, set the permission on the iPhone instead, as per above.
Weathergraph doesn't update my location unless I open the app. #

Would you please check what location permissions do you have set up for Weathergraph in SettingsWeathergraphLocation?

If there is anything else then Always, could you please pick Always?

Getting continuous updates is tricky, so the app is using both background updates and widget updates. That is because

  • in the low power mode, background updates are disabled
  • if you don't have a widget set up (and visible), the widget update won’t run


  • for an app to be able to ask for a location in the background update, it must have Always location permission set
  • for a widget to be able to ask for a location, it must have a special When Using the App or Widgets location permission set, or Always as above

If on of the above permissions isn't set, the app is then denied access to your location until you open it manually.

Weathergraph's location permission dialog appeared again even though I gave it Allow while using the app access, or I see Weathergraph was denied permission to ask for a location below the forecast. #

It seems that when the application requests the always-on location permission (necessary to allow the app to ask for a location during a complication update in the background), then this permission is reset during WatchOS or iOS update.

I suppose they made it like this to reset permissions once in a while to prevent rogue apps from tracking you forever, but recently, there have been a lot of minor security updates, which triggered the location update screen.

I suggested to Apple (rdar://FB9733269) to only do this with major updates (like 8.0, 8.1 ...), not on every minor security update, but currently, it works like this for the minor updates as well.

We're solving a technical problem together, how can I send debug logs? #

On the iPhone and Mac:

  1. Go to Preferences, scroll down, and tap Debug
  2. Tap the Upload logs button
  3. Send me the 5-digit number that appears after the upload

On the watch:

  1. Inside the app, scroll down to the bottom and tap the gray version text
  2. On the debug screen that opens, tap the Upload logs button
  3. Send me the 5-digit number that appears after the upload

Thank you!

Press info

I would like to write about Weathergraph, is there a press kit? #

Of course! Here you go:

More questions

What is the story with a similarly named app in the App Store? #

I think we arrived at that name independently, but I am very sure I was first by a couple of years. I have released Weathergraph under that name on Pebble in 2016 and on Garmin in 2017.

I have a different suggestion, idea, or problem to solve #

Just let me know at — thanks!

Weathergraph is also on Twitter
and is happy if you read its press kit and view the screenshots.

The latest press release is
Weathergraph adds a vertical layout not just for the fans of the recently closed Dark Sky app

Problems, suggestions, questions?
Here's my email.

Curious about other platforms? Need an unlock key?
Weathergraph is available for Garmin and Pebble as well.


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